Quick takes: What is beta code?

Some people are unfamiliar with the joy that is (was?) beta code. Beta code is a pre-unicode standard for writing in non-Latin characters. Way back in the day (1990s?), this was the primary way to ensure that your Greek was legible across platform and browsers. Unfortunately, it is also like learning a new hybrid language:

Screenshot 2015-03-29 at 7.37.21 AM

Most modern computers are Unicode-compliant and will write and display Greek characters in a way that looks like Greek. (If not, there are translators available — also usable for those of you who just really like beta code.) Some characters currently exist ONLY in beta code, or work best in beta code. If you’re working with documents, the most notable of these is the underdot. Underdots render irregularly across platforms, unlike most Greek characters, accentuation, and breathings. But for the majority of us, beta code is a hassle that it’s fairly easy to do without.


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