#TBT: Modern Lykaion Games

Not the usual content for this blog, I admit. But I happened to be doing research on Pan Lykaios, and came across the excavation blog as well as the official website (and initial publication in last year’s Hesperia).

It’s really nice to see events like these, particularly given the not-so-glowing past of the Olympic revival. Although I’ve never been to Arcadia, it’s great that the organizers of the games have gotten the whole community involved.

Does anyone know if these are still ongoing?

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Mt. Lykaion Excavation & Survey Project

The tenth Modern Lykaion Games were held on Sunday August 9, 2009 in a beautiful mountain meadow high on the slopes of Mt. Lykaion in Arcadia at 1182 m (4000 feet) above sea level.

Site of the Lykaion Games, August 9, 2009

The ancient hippodrome and stadium of the ancient Lykaion Games is the site of the modern athletic festival that is hosted by the Syllogos of the village of Ano Karyes. The modern athletic festival is a recreation of the ancient athletic festival in honor of Zeus that was well known in antiquity from the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods (ca. 700 – 100 B.C.).

Spectators at the Lykaion Games 2009

The ancient games were held every four years and were likely to have been, in a number of senses, competition for the ancient Olympic Games (also in honor of Zeus) held at Olympia, some 22 miles to the northwest.  The modern athletic festival at Mt. Lykaion, begun in 1973, is now a…

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