A Few Changes to the Blog

The Library of Antiquity has grown substantially since we started the blog in the fall of 2015. We’re thrilled to have received the support and attention from all of our dedicated readers, and we hope in the next year to be able to provide even more excellent content on the blog. Here are some of the changes we have planned for the upcoming year.

Creative Commons

As some of you might have noticed, over the last couple of days we’ve added a Creative Commons License to our blog posts. For those of you who are not familiar with Creative Commons, they are a non-profit organization that allows users to easily protect their work with a copyright. Creative Commons offers several types of licenses to allow users multiple options when protecting their work. We’ve chosen Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. What this means is that people are free to re-use our work and even modify it to better fit their objectives so long as the content is not used for commercial purposes. Our goal here at the Library of Antiquity is to provide content that is free for anyone to use and our Creative Commons License helps to ensure that the content stays that way. If you’re not sure if your sharing or adaptation of our work is allowed under our specific license, you can view the license deed here.

For more information on Creative Commons in general, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/

Guest Posts

Our goal for the Library of Antiquity is to create a comprehensive resource for the study of antiquity. Both Jackie and I are historians of the Roman Republic, and while we pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary research, our knowledge of all of the great resources for the study of antiquity is naturally limited to things that we ourselves work with. To fill in the gaps, we’ve managed over the last year to recruit a guest poster or two to help us with resources outside of our realms of expertise. In the new year, we’d like to do even more of that, so…

The Library of Antiquity is actively recruiting guest posters! If you have something exciting to contribute, please visit our Write for Us page and fill out the Guest Post Application Form.  Please remember that the Library of Antiquity is dedicated to being a free online database of tips and how-tos for the study of the Ancient Mediterranean. We will only accept content that meets our stated aims and goals.

Other Things to Come

We have a few other projects in the works that we aren’t quite ready to tell you about yet. But we’re really excited about them (and we hope that you will be too).  Keep your eyes peeled for new content additions and maybe even some branching out into new types of resources!


~J. and M.

Creative Commons License
A Few Changes to the Blog by https://libraryofantiquity.wordpress.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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