5 Tips for … Exams!

It’s the time of year when final papers and exams are looming, and students are starting to get nervous. We understand! Exams make us nervous, too, and receiving feedback, while useful, is always daunting. With that in mind, we asked around for the best study tips from real instructors. Read on and be prepared to get an A! 

  1. Sleep with a book under your pillow. Learning by osmosis is a real phenomenon that has been studied by education professionals. It can work for you, too — especially if you have lists of dates or vocabulary to memorize.
  2. Try “drunk translation”. The Greeks and Romans were a little (or maybe a lot) buzzed all the time, and they knew how to speak Greek and Latin.
  3. Procrastinate! Do you have TV shows to catch up on? A friend going through a breakup? Laundry? You have a busy life. That paper can totally write itself. And if you’re worried, just multi-task. The Australian news claims it’s “an unavoidable part of life.” Texting and watching funny animal videos probably won’t have a noticeable effect on your paper, especially since your grader is probably multi-tasking too.
  4. Don’t worry if you haven’t done the readings. They’re more like suggestions than requirements anyway.
  5. If your professor gave you a review packet, ignore it. Instead, write them at least 6 emails asking “Is <some concept> on the test?” That shows initiative and concern for your course grade. You get bonus points if you refer to your female professor as “Mrs.”

BONUS TIP: Never look for advice on April 1. Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

~m and j.


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