Library of Antiquity’s Greatest Hits

In honor of the Ides of March, we thought we’d take a tour back through our old posts and highlight a few of our favorites!

From the Analytics:

These were our top posts according to WordPress. The top one might not surprise you, but the “most shared” article, a guest post that analyzed trends in Classics titles using the BMCR, is our primary piece of original research on the site. Should we do more?

Most popular

Help with Undergraduate Research: Why Google isn’t a good place to look for scholarly articles

Most Shared

Trends in Classics: a sparagmos

Most Popular Guest Post

Help with archaeology: What is stratigraphy?


Our personal favorites:

Academic writing (all writing) is about gaining enough critical distance from your work. We came up with our favorites before we checked the analytics, and surprisingly (?) there was no overlap. But we loved these posts, and we hope you’ll give them a second (or first!) chance.

Mary’s favorite post

Help with Undergraduate Research: Making an Argument

This blog post started as an in class exercise for a tutorial I was teaching in my last year at York.  My students thought it was great and it seriously improved their research papers so I made it a blog post.  I had a student from that tutorial tell me just a couple of weeks ago that he vividly remembered the exercise as his favorite part of the class.  I think it was my most successful tutorial exercise and I was glad to hear that it was something really spoke to the students.

Jackie’s favorite post

Five Questions about…metadata!

I like the personal element of this post (it wasn’t just for show, as anyone who has seen my desk can testify). One of the reasons I enjoy blogs is by ‘getting to know’ their writers, so I was eager to introduce us as well.


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