Information for Contributors

The Library of Antiquity will silently edit all contributions to maintain our house style. If we wish to make any substantive changes (to wording, formatting, paragraphing, etc.), we will ask you first. Saying no will not affect your post status.

To help us publish your post as quickly as possible, please note the following submission guidelines:

  • Please submit all posts as a Word document or shared Google doc with your preferred formatting. Any images should be on their own line, marked as follows: [TITLE-IMG-#]. Please submit your images as separate files (JPGs are ideal) labeled the same way (TITLE-IMG-#) so we can identify them. Do not include images and text in the same submission. And finally, please send us a PDF with the images and text combined so we can make sure the formatting is the way you want it.
  • Please also include a bio if you don’t like our standard information. A standard bio will read: “[NAME] is a [TITLE] at [INSTITUTION] in [PLACE].” We are happy to expand this upon request!
  • How-to posts are usually 1000-1200 words long, excluding captions. If your post is substantially longer, we reserve the right to split it into multiple posts.
  • We feature two types of how-to: “Tips and tricks for…” and “Help with…” The latter is typically used for individual resources and tools, while the former is a broader category that features advice on a variety of topics related to Classics. Tips and tricks often feature bullets or subheadings, while Help with… posts don’t. Please choose one format for your submission.
  • All other post types are subject to approval.
  • If you include screenshots or photographs and would like a caption for them, you are responsible for providing that caption.
  • The Library of Antiquity prefers the Oxford comma. Please make sure that all lists of three or more items include a comma before the and.
  • The Library of Antiquity uses American spelling and punctuation. You can submit your content with British conventions, but please note that these will be altered before publication. The Library’s style latinizes Greek transliterations (i.e., kappa is represented with a c).
  • Specific instructions (such as links on a website), as well as all Latin words and Greek transliterations, should be in italics. Subheadings or bullet points should be bolded. Any other type of emphasis should be underlined.
  • Please include all links you would like to include in your post in curly brackets {}. We reserve the right to insert additional links to our content or others’ content for informational purposes only.
  • If you have any other special formatting requests, please note them in your submission and we will get back to you!