Quick takes: TLG is updated!

The site now features a new search function, and requires all users to register, even when they are logging in via an institution.

I’ll report back when I’ve played with the new functionality. So far, I have discovered that it’s harder to browse than before, and previous posts on using the TLG may no longer be accurate.

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Quick takes: TLG is updated! by https://libraryofantiquity.wordpress.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


3 thoughts on “Quick takes: TLG is updated!

  1. Thanks for your comment! You’re entirely right about the old interface.

    I wonder if the increased difficulty in browsing is on purpose. The registration process (I had to get a new account) is very clear about copyright and legal/fair use of TLG texts. (At one point, they seem to be suggesting that even use of TLG texts in a published work is not legit — both interesting and disappointing for a research project from a public university in an increasingly open-access world.) Maybe they’ve been having IP problems lately? As a user, it’s hard for me to imagine, because TLG texts require so much editing before they can be used in (e.g.) a conference handout or a Powerpoint. Copying large swathes of texts just doesn’t seem that appealing. But maybe I’m an outlier.


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