Help with Advanced Languages: Mastering your Dictionary

We’ve had a few posts on how important your dictionary skills are to your language success, and we’ve even told you some of our favorite Latin and Greek dictionaries. But there’s another trick to mastering the dictionary, and that is to figure out its abbreviation system. Abbreviations provide important information, especially about verbs, but that information is provided in a sort of secret code. It’s not consistent between dictionaries, and sometimes not even within the same dictionary, but it’s worth learning some of the most common abbreviations. Yes, every dictionary will give them to you at the front — but do you really want a dictionary for your dictionary? I didn’t think so.

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Help with Greek Texts: The New TLG (Advanced Search)

One of our readers asked whether the old TLG’s advanced search functions had transferred to the new interface. The short answer: yes! For the long answer, you’ll have to keep on reading. As an added bonus, with this post the TLG edges ahead of Perseus to become our most-covered classical resource. I think this says something about how classicists work online.

But on to the New TLG!

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